Welcome to the website of the 19th FAI European Gliding Championships

  • 19th FAI European Gliding Championships 2017 Lasham
  • Winner: 15 Metre Championships - Freddy Hein - Germany
  • Winner: 18 Metre Championships - Wolfgang Janowitsch - Austria
  • Winner: Open Championships - Michael Sommer - Germany
  • Winner: International Team Championships - Germany - Holger Back: Team Manager
  • The 20th European Gliding Championships will be held in Poland in 2019

Friday 11th August

Good Morning!

Hope everyone who flew yesterday enjoyed their flight

This morning:
Grid on runway 27.
Grid opens 08:30
Grid closes 10:00
Weighing open

Team Captains' Meeting 09:30
Daily Briefing 10:00

Have a good day!

Today is a flying day!

The heavy rain clouds departed overnight leaving a damp airfield, but a beautiful cumulus filled sky above Lasham.

All classes have launched on the first official practice day of the comp.

15m class are tasked with 308.8k polygon LA4 - BAD - BRO - BC2 - WH2 - ARP

18m class are tasked with 336.3k polygon LA6 - BAD - BRO - TOW - ARP

Open class are tasked with 347.7k polygon CAC - BAD - BRO - NOS - WH2 - ARP