British Gliding Association Operational Regulations require all glider pilots flying cross country to carry an up to date map in the cockpit.

We regret that we are unable to supply Competitors and Team Captains with paper maps free of charge. We can offer you two alternatives:

1/ CAA 1:500000 Chart of Southern England and Wales. This map shows all UK airspace with full details, name, altitudes, ATC contact frequencies etc and has a plastic surface. It may be purchased from the Lasham Gliding Society office on arrival at Lasham for GBP 16-00. There is no requirement to pre-order this map, the Lasham office always has a large stock of CAA maps.

2/ A bespoke map of the competition area in approximately 1:500000 scale showing turning points, TP codes and outline of the Forbidden Airspace but without airspace names and level information. This map will have a plain paper finish ready for you to cover with fablon. This map is offered to competitors to assist with task planning but we cannot offer any guarantees as to definitive legal accuracy of the airspace information. This map is only available if you pre-order before 28th July and we will charge you the printers cost price for this map; approximately GBP 5-00. Bespoke maps pre-ordered before 28th July will be available for collection from the Lasham office on your arrival.

If you wish to pre-order the bespoke map of the competition area, please email your order to:
Please give the following information:

Your Name
Your Country
The number of bespoke competition area maps you require.

Best regards
Andy Davis
Championships Director