Good Morning!

It looks as though we will have a nice English soaring day after yesterday's rain.
Gridding today:
* Please grid on tarmac runway 27.
* Grid opens at 09.00, closes at 11.00
* We will not weigh your gliders on the way to the grid. Today you may fill your gliders with water on the grid so that you do not need to tow heavy gliders on the grass.
* Please tow to runway 27 by following the disused runway route as shown in the Local Procedures Appendix
* No formal grid order - first glider to arrive will go to the back, second glider at the back, next in front etc. There will be grid marshals on the runway to direct you to the correct position
* Please avoid driving or towing on grass areas more than is absolutely necessary

Today's briefing schedule:
* Team Captain Meeting 09.30 (In TV room where you registered.
The agenda is now available in the download section of the EGC website
* Daily briefing 11.00 in Brown Elephant

Late registrations please come to Competition Control
Technical Inspection bays open from 09.00. First come, first served!

Have a good day!