Gliders around Oxford

The majority of all three classes appear to be in the Oxford area at various height.

The majority appear to be having quite a hard time of it.

Seven gliders are back at the field and Benedict's screen is showing four landouts

We are having some landbacks

With the conditions on task appearing to be rather challenging gliders are returning to the field, whilst others are restarting.

Meanwhile in the task area others are making their way and the weather looks like it might be improving on task.

Overheard on the radio...

'What is the best time to start?'


'Tomorrow!' :)

Gliders are starting

Benedict's control screen is gradually turning white meaning gliders are starting.

The sniffer had been unable to stay up and the task was rolled back at the team captain's meeting.

However, just as this decision was made it suddenly improved.

The life of a comps director is never an uncomplicated one!

I reckon gliders will be back at the field around 5pm.